Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Day 1 – 28th October

Opening Session

B. Simpson: What is the issue?
J. Anselmo: Scandinavian – Mediterranean Corridor & MoS State of the Art and Way Ahead

F. Montaresi: WiderMoS project overview

Motorways of the Sea Italian Views
F. Montaresi: Moderator of the session

A. Cancian: MoS: the main access routes to TEN-T Corridor
G. Peleggi: Italian Perspective on Customs Innovative Procedures

WiderMoS Outcomes –IT Session

Corridor Information pipeline and customs procedures - Italy
T. Alvaro: ITA Institutional Perspective
N. Marrali: ITA Logistics Perspective
M. Benzi: ITA Industry Perspective

Corridor Information pipeline and logistic information sharing - Spain
S. Velasquez: SPA Industry Perspective

Connecting maritime and rail - Germany
C. Buchner: GER Industry Perspective

Logistic Single Window - Portugal
M. Dias: POR Institution

Forward thinking
Sture Udd: Digital Highway in corridor management systems. Where is the future?

Mos Corridor Related Projects
K. Sondermann: Moderator of the session

E. Perez: B2MoS
M. Lindstrom: Kvarken link
A. Picco: Fresh Food Corridor
M. Garret & C. Rowland: Atlantis
I. Bakas: Poseidon Med and the Corridor approach in LNG
E. Quintieri: MoS and Corridors integration: the ESPO perspective

Day 2 29th of October

WiderMoS Outcomes – Policy Session
J. Anselmo: Moderator & Keynote Speech

H. Ghiara: MoS Study
A. Axelsson: MoS today and tomorrow
K. U. Sondermann: MoS governance and land transport: a business perspective
M. Giromini: Mos governance: the seaport point of view
P. Van Dueren: MoS from customs point of view
I. Rosberg: Executive education on MoS
F. Munari: MoS from a regulatory point of view

Extending MoS
T. Avila: Keynote Speech

H. Amsz: USA
A. P. Mesquita: Brazil – a global maritime and logistics point of view
C. Vallone & A. Colombara: Brazilian Export framework and trade opportunities
D. Gerber: Israel

Connecting MoS and Corridors – Peripheral Regions Perspective
M. Correia: Keynote Speech

A. Langset: Norway
J. Sutherland: United Kingdom
Michael Morrissey: Ireland
D. Sutton: Malta