Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS
Barcelona's WiderMos TMT meeting; March 27th-28th, 2014

During the 27th and 28th of March 2014, the Technical Management Team (TMT) and Steering Committee of WiderMoS project, composed by the representatives of the 14th beneficiary entities of the consortium, met in Barcelona at the headquarters of CIMNE (International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering).

These two days meeting made possible to update the status and progress of the project in 2013 and the beginning of 2014. The project partners had the opportunity to present the different strategies and meetings organized in the different countries, with the aim of consolidating the Stakeholders Network of the project.

It was also possible to go through the different project activities where the Corridor Management Platforms overview and the reports on the regional user needs, the common approach to the pilot use cases and their identification, and the IT platform design were discussed in detail by ASTA Logistik; La Spezia Port Authority; INESC, on behalf of the Leixoes Port Authority, Port of Rostock and Port of Kiel.

Regarding the progress on the MoS study & Governance Model, CIRCLE and UNIGE explained the Overview of the Activity, the stakeholders list and their involvement, reinforcing the need to obtain the Members state representativeness in the project.

The Dissemination activity were updated by PA LA SPEZIA providing an overview of the activity, the Website development with the support of CIMNE, the social network activity and onthemosway.eu portal dissemination and press releases. The WiderMoS partners also talked about their dissemination activities in the different member states and the future plans.

During the Spanish CMP basic model it was agreed to celebrate specific Spain – Italy bilateral meetings that will be organised in order to check the feasibility to match the two CMPs, trying to obtain a complete Door to Door transport business case.

At the same time, it was stated that specific meetings are needed and will be organised with the project coordinator / the technical manager in Portugal and Germany to effectively exploit commonalities and CMP leading principles.

A specific meeting with INTTRA is also important to be held and it has been decided to organise such meeting with the EMEA region manager who is going to be contacted by the WiderMoS Technical Manager.

The meetings were attended by SOGEMAR, Regione Liguria, CSCT, ITA, Agencia Dogane e Monopoli – Italy, Port of Rostock, Port of Kiel, CIMNE, ASTA Logistik, Circle, La Spezia Port Authority, Port of Leixoes, INIGE, PBS and INESC supporting Port of Leixoes.

The next TMT meeting has been announced to be held in Oporto next 1st and 2nd July 2014. The final CMP designs will be brought to this meeting as milestones. Previous iterations with the Project Leader must be carried out in order to present the final design and the next implementations steps.