Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS
Motorways of the Sea join TEN-T priority corridors: new european opportunities for polish maritime and logistic operators

On the 28th of January the first cross fertilization meeting was held in Gdynia Port Authority.

The meeting has been opened by the President of the Port Authority of Gdynia Mr. Jarocinski that welcomed the participants, explaining all the actual developments of the port specifically in terms of new infrastructure projects. He also underlined that event like the Wider MOs workshop can be very useful to understand and to assess new future opportunities in particular in terms of processes and systems linked to the maritime and logistic domains.

The meeting has been organized in order to check and verify local needs in Poland in terms of integration between Mos and Corridors. The meeting has been also an opportunity to know the WiderMos project and the opportunities for business community specifically for maritime, logistic and transport operators to improve the operations and the services they offer to their customers. The event has been also useful for polish operators in order to establish contacts with other logistic operators involved in the project and to follow the WiderMos project joining as stakeholder.

The aims of the workshops are:

  • To explain the WiderMos project in the new TEN-T framework;
  • To describe the Corridor Management Platform leading principles;
  • To collect the needs of the Polish maritime and logistic operators in terms of interoperability of systems and new logistic services;
  • To explore the opportunities for future EU funded projects.


During the meeting the participants discussed about how to improve logistic services and to increase the competitiveness of logistic operators along the supply chain. The new MOS and TEN-T policy could offer new opportunities to logistic operators in order to overcome bottlenecks and gaps in the link between different transport modes.

The WiderMos project has been then presented in detail by Federica Montaresi the project coordinator from the Port Authority of La Spezia and by Alexio Picco from Circle as the technical manager of the project.

Two panels were organized later. Moderator : Slawomir Wrzesniak - Portfinconsult

The first one was focused on the maritime needs and the second on the logistic needs in order to have a wider framework on maritime side and inland side.

The first panel was focused on the integration between MOS and Corridors and the related the maritime needs, with discussions about the current situation of the Motorways of the Sea and the maritime connections with polish ports and the possible improvements in the integration of Motorways of the sea into the inland Corridors, the critical issues in the communication between the maritime side and the inland side in the logistic chain, the impact of ICT on the maritime transport and the usefulness of ICT solutions for shipping lines.

The second panel was more focused on the logistic needs debating on the current situation in the logistic chain in the connection between ports and inland terminals and how to improve the interoperability along the logistic corridors.