Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS
WiderMoS Kick-Off Meeting
The European Commission has recently updated the transeuropean transport network definition and the corresponding multimodal corridors. WiderMoS project will contribute to build a corridor model with the support of a Corridor Management Platform where companies may exchange information and documentation making possible to approach towards a more efficient, easier and competitive transport model for each corridor in particular and under a common Governance Model in general. Moreover it will establish multimodal corridors governance according to the end user needs for the next years.

Widermos project, co-financed by the European Commission within the TEN-T programme, has started its activities last August and its kickoff meeting was held on November 2013. 16 partners from Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain are involved in this action.
Therefore the north and south of Europe work together with a double purpose: to strength the link of the Motorways of the Sea with the priority corridors of the TEN-T, visualizing the dry port connections within the MoS for 2020 and beyond, as well as to improve the exchange of information among private companies, end users and public organisms that belong to a corridor.
The project reflects the European efforts to boost the multimodal connections in order to increase the intra-community trade through a faster and less expensive transport system.
Widermos is expected to transfer its results to the small-medium companies in the logistic sector after 2015. It counts with a budget of 5.940.000€ where 50% is being financed by the European Commission.

At the same time, this initiative has already attracted the interest of companies as MSM, IKEA, RFI, Dry Port of Padova and other entities like Spanish and Italian Customs Agencies.
The partners of the project are La Spezia Port Authority who leads this action, So.ge.mar. Spa, La Spezia Container Terminal S.p.A., InterportoPadova Spa, Circle Srl, AgenziadelleDogane, UniversitàdegliStudi di Genova, Regione Liguria, CIMNE, InstitutoTecnologico De Aragón, CorporaciónMarítima, A.S.T.A. Logistik, S.L., SEEHAFEN KIEL GmbH & Co. KG, Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock mbH, Kombiverkehr Deutsche Gesellschaft fur kombiniertenGuterverkehrmbH&Co KG, and thhe Portuguese Republic.