Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS
WiderMos consortium meeting in La Spezia plans activities for 2015

On 15 and 16 December 2014, all the partners of the WiderMoS Project [1] from Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal met at the Port Authority of La Spezia to discuss their work plan for 2015.

The aim of the two-day meeting was to take stock of the work already carried out and to decide what needs to be achieved before the end of the project in December 2015.

One of the main achievements of the project so far is the design of the “the Corridor Management Platform - CMP”, finalized in October 2014. In this respect, project partners have launched the implementation of the 5 pilot projects in 5 ports (La Spezia, Barcelona, Rostock, Kiel and Porto) with the objective of ensuring an efficient exchange of data along the corridors, from the ports to the hinterland.

Another deliverable of the project, the study on the “future development of the Motorways of the Sea for 2020 and beyond”, is in its final stages and results will be available in early 2015.

During the meeting, project partners specifically discussed the outcome of the WiderMos event that was held in Brussels on the 22th of October. All partners welcomed this event as a great success in terms of participation and feedback received from stakeholders.

In addition to discussing the state of play of the project, the consortium meeting in La Spezia also launched the project activities related to the new governance model of the logistics corridors cooperating with the Core Network Corridors and the Rail Freight Corridors.

Work in 2015 in this context will focus on four thematic groups: customs procedures, logistics processes, green corridors, integration of the Core and Comprehensive network. The 4 thematic working groups will each be coordinated by a project partner, as follows :

  • Working group on Custom procedures : Italian Custom Agency
  • Working group on Logistics processes: Asta Logistik
  • Working group on Green Corridors: La Spezia Port Authority
  • Working group on integration of the Core and Comprehensive network: Ligurian Region

These 4 working groups will produce 4 reports highlighting  the 10 most critical issues for the TEN-T Multimodal Corridors. At the end of this activity project partners will elaborate a road map aimed at suggesting strategies and actions in order to overcome these 10 critical issues.

The working group on Logistics processes will also collaborate with the IFreightMed-DC project (MED Programme).

In order to disseminate the results of the WiderMoS project, project partners will participate in the Transport and Logistic event in Munich in May 2015.

The next consortium meeting of the WiderMoS project will be held in Frankfurt in mid March.

[1]WiderMoS is a project co-funded by the Motorways of the Sea EU funding programme. “WiderMoS” stands for ‘Wide interoperability and new governance models for freight exchange linking regions through multimodal maritime based corridors”