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WiderMos consortium hosts valuable discussion on future of Motorways of the Sea
Gathering over 100 representatives from the maritime and logistics transport sector, on 22 October 2014, the WiderMoS consortium organised a high-level conference in Brussels to discuss the future of Motorways of the Sea (MoS). Reviewing the future priority areas of EU support for the maritime sector comes at a crucial time as it is faced with new regulations and slow economic growth.

Brian Simpson, the new MoS Coordinator, and José Anselmo, the MoS Principal Advisor at the European Commission, praised the conference for stressing the importance of MoS as a key contributor to growth. “Motorways of the Sea is key in supporting innovative projects for developing ports and improving connections between ports and their hinterland” added Lorenzo Forcieri, President of La Spezia Port Authority and leading partner of the WiderMoS project.

During the day, attendees held discussions around the three current main priorities of MoS: environment, global logistics chain and the human element. In each session MoS co-funded projects were presented and its coordinators shared their vision for MoS in the future. Recurring recommendations included the need to continue supporting environmental projects and to create more flexibility in the application process for funding. During a round-table discussion, a number of important key players expressed their views on the different needs of ports, the facilitation of customs procedures, and the integration of the TEN-T Core Network Corridors into MoS.

Federica Montaresi, WiderMos project coordinator, also insisted on the need for maritime transport to be fully part of Europe’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), through the integration of MoS with the TEN-T Core Network Corridors.

In a keynote speech, renowned American economist Marc Levinson described the global economic situation and its impact on the maritime sector.

To conclude the conference, Brian Simpson and José Anselmo underlined the importance of the WiderMos project in bringing to light the key drivers for further integration of the maritime sector into Europe’s Transport Network.

Wide media coverage was assured by a live streaming on www.widermos.eu and www.onthemosway.eu and via Twitter @widermos. Pictures and the full video of the event are available on the www.widermos.eu and www.onthemosway.eu