Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS
WiderMoS Press conference

The European leader in the new initiative in the field of TEN-T networks, La Spezia is the frontrunner of the WiderMos Project, which next Wednesday will be presenting the preliminary results of the research conducted on Motorways of the Sea. Forcieri: “Today the Port of La Spezia, included in the Core Ports network, is indicated on every map illustrating new transportation networks. Our decision to invest on intangible infrastructures and on achieving a more European dimension has proven correct”.

A significant gathering of all the WiderMos European partners – headed by the Port Authority of La Spezia -will be heldon October 22nd in Brussels. A number of important preliminary results achieved through the MoS Study will be shared with the EU Commission and the more than 50 stakeholders and supporters taking part in the event. These results will be made public by José Anselmo - Ten-T Policy European Commission DG MOVE.

The event, titled "MOTORWAYS OF THE SEA - TODAY AND TOMORROW: STATE OF THE ART AND PROSPECTIVE OPTIONS FOR 2020 AND BEYOND",and organized by the Port Authority of La Spezia in its capacity of Widermos coordinator, will be attended by the President of the Port Authority, Lorenzo Forcieri, who will commence operations along with the new EU coordinator of Motorways of the Sea (MoS), Brian Simpson, as well as José Anselmo. Featured speakers will also include Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary-general of ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation); American economist, historian and writer Marc Levinson – author of the bestselling book “The Box” – who will hold the Keynote speech; Roberto Ferrazza, Director of the Ten-T Network of the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; Angelo Curtona, Innovations Office of Agenzie delle Dogane.

The objective of the event, which will collect first-hand feedback on the state of the art of Motorways of the Sea – MOS - from member states, stakeholders and agents in the maritime and logistic fields, is to illustrate the analysis conducted through more than 70 interviews with key players in the maritime and logistic sector on the state of the art of Motorways of the Sea – MOS. The aim is to share and validate the results of the first research phase, and collect inputs on the objectives of the analysis with the aim of developing a strategic view of the future of MoS up to 2020 and beyond.